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Do you have incomplete songs that you've been unable to finish? Do you feel like you could be further along in your guitar and general musical abilities? Are you dissatisfied with the eCourses, books, DVDs, or teachers you've studied with?

At SongMind Studios, we always apply what you learn to your music. Together, we create custom-tailored programs in guitar, songwriting, recording, and more. Every curriculum topic we teach is on the level of any top-notch music conservatory. Do you want to see your guitar playing abilities skyrocket? Do you want to learn how to write your own music or complete your unfinished album? Regardless of what program you choose, our aim is to guide you to becoming the authentic and creative musician you aspire to be.

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Expert Instruction from Dave Cohen - Composer, Engineer, and Multi-Instrumentalist

Since graduating from the Peabody Conservatory in 2007, I've taught thousands of students privately and in groups. I have over 100,000 views of my teaching videos. I created SongMind Studios to guide my students to finding their own unique expressive voice. My philosophy is that music is a creative art form and we become musicians by composing, improvising, exploring who we are at the core, and learning from the best teachers we can find.

My latest album release was for the band Driven to Clarity. It's a 6 song EP called 'Heading Out.' View our music video of "Wanna Say" here.

Visit my bandcamp page to preview a song from my upcoming solo album. This is the first available of 9 songs that I've written, produced, and performed the guitar and vocals.

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Student Testimonials

"Dave Cohen is a creative genius, an inspirational, caring and innovative music teacher. He is clear and concise, knowledgeable and resourceful, and most of all, very patient and very kind. Dave is an exceptional human being. We were wonderfully impressed with his ability to reach students and truly inspire them!!!"

Felicia and Nuri (Mother and 9 year old son – both students)

"My lessons with David Cohen were an integral part of my growth and creative development as a musician and a composer. These lessons not only intensely modified my compositions specifically, but it generally taught me how to explore my own thought process to bring forth my true intentions in all of my music. They helped me to understand my own musicality and brought me success in effectively communicating my music with others. Above all, Dave is amiable, dedicated, informative and caring. When understanding that these qualities are paired with his musicianship and instruction, you'd be hard pressed to find an equal."

Tariq, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Peabody graduate

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"Thank you so much for all you have taught Theresa. She has come so far in the last year. She has always been shy and very quiet but I have to tell you that we have noticed her really coming out of her shell. I owe this all to you! She feels confident enough in her playing her guitar that she has played for her class in school - I never really thought she would be comfortable playing for anyone. You are an amazing person with many talents."

Theresa’s mom, Toni (10 years old)

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